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Considering the increasing complexity of laws affecting business, large corporations know that quality legal guidance is not a luxury, but a necessary cost of doing business. These corporations employ a full-time staff of attorneys not only to get them out of trouble, but to keep them from getting into trouble in the first place.


Trust me, the cost of preventing lawsuits (and other bank account depleting disputes) is substantially lower than the cost of fighting them – no seriously – lawsuits KILL profits every day.

While there is no way to prevent a lawsuit from being filed, there are many steps that can be taken to keep those costs down should you find yourself involved in one. The best defensive steps against liability take place before any lawsuit is ever filed. The defense is in the preparation.


No one knows everything, and your primary focus as a business owner is generating revenue. I get it!

But what about protecting that revenue? Isn’t it just as important to keep the revenue as it is to make the revenue? And this is where so many small business owners and entrepreneurs drop the ball.

The key to building and growing your business into the revenue generating (and sustaining) machine that you’re working so hard to create, is in knowing what you don’t know. As a small business owner without a full-time staff of attorneys, you’ve got to know when it’s time to ask questions. You’ve got to know when it’s time to ask for help.

I work closely with my clients to gain an understanding of the specific management, liability, and profitability challenges affecting their lives and businesses. From there, we work together to create solutions – processes, procedures, and strategies that get my clients from where they are, to where they belong. I provide the information, guidance, and counsel you need to start, operate, and grow your business, legally and profitably.

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