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Most small businesses don’t have a General Counsel or in-house legal department to advise on how the recruiting and hiring process should . . . and should not go. Very few small businesses can afford to staff a well-trained Human Resources Department to make sure all activities related to employee hiring, discipline, retention, and firing are compliant with federal and state laws.  What about grievance procedures? All businesses with employees need grievance procedures, but without a General Counsel’s office, who handles those? The Bosses’ Lawyer – that’s who.

Every employee is a walking liability when you don’t have your employment procedure ducks in a row.


Even potential customers can cost you big when your business is operating while non-compliant.


Every dollar counts when you are starting or growing your business, so you need layers of protection for every single dollar.


One thing I know for sure is that you either pay on the front end, or you pay a lot more on the back end. You either pay to prevent problems, or you end up paying a lot more to get rid of them. Problems are much cheaper to prevent than they are to fix (although I do a good amount of fixin’ too).


The best defense of your growing business’ profits is in a good offense, so I use my skill to help you implement cost-efficient policies and procedures that minimize liability exposure, resulting in less spent on legal fees, and more profits.

Now let’s talk about how I can help you protect the money. I provide counseling and support in all aspects of the employment relationship, such as:  


Document Drafting and Negotiation   

-    Employment Agreements

-    Non-disclosure Agreements

-    Independent Contractor Agreements

-    Severance Agreements

-    Non-compete Agreements

-    Offer Letters

-    Non-solicitation Agreements

-    Employment Handbooks

-    Employment-related Policies


Counseling on Best Practices and Procedures


Management and Employee Training


Litigation and Dispute Resolution

-    Discrimination

-    Harassment

-    Wrongful Termination

-    Unpaid Wages

-    Disability Benefits

-    Unemployment Benefits

-    Whistleblower Claims

-    FMLA Claims

-    ADA Claims

The Bosses’ Lawyer is equipped with the experience and skill necessary to guide you and your growing business through every step of the employment process. From implementing compliant processes and procedures, to hiring, to discipline, to firing and everything before, after, and in between, I’ve got you covered.


Book a discovery call with the Bosses’ Lawyer to make sure the fruits of your labor are protected from the many profit-eating variables at play when you’re a BOSS!