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The strength of your business’ contracts has a major impact on many aspects of your business, but let’s just focus on the most exciting part – the cash flow.  


Simply put, contracts help secure your right to get paid (amongst so many other things).

For example, your customer should know exactly when payment of your invoice becomes due, and what will happen if it is not paid in a timely manner.  Should your customer decide not to hold up their end of the deal, your contract protects your interests and allows you to still go after your coins.


Contracts minimize disputes because they encourage the parties to uphold their obligations or face consequences that have been clearly outlined. Everyone knows what they’re up against when the contract is right.


Contracts help minimize disputes by outlining the parties’ specific intentions when the contract was drafted.  After all, when money is on the line, memories tend to become a bit fuzzy.

One of the wonderful things about contracts is that your contract can include whatever you want to include, although there are always exceptions.


It is critical that your business’ contracts be carefully and craftily drafted because the contracts must represent your specific situation, needs, desires, resources, etc. in order to provide adequate protection for yourself and your business.


Contracts serve one main purpose: protecting what you value most.  The strength of the contracts utilized in your business impact the strength of your business itself.  


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